Fire With Fire (Jan Vertonghen) Chapter 1 

Stella sat still on the toilet seat, her pink and grey panties still around her ankles and the little white stick in her shaky hand. One blue line was negative, two blue lines were positive. The box had said to wait 3 minutes for the results. She had been in this position for over 15 minutes now, unable to look at the little plastic instrument that was more likely than not going to change her entire life. There was heavy insistent knocking on her bathroom door.

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Anonymous: Next update?

This is quite the vague question, my dear anon…

We have four fics that are currently ongoing and I’m not entirely sure as to which one you are referring to. 

Kensington (Gibbo) was updated yesterday. Fire With Fire (Vertonghen) is going up today. Your Touch (Hazard) is going to be up on Sunday night and then Lovegame (Bender and Gotze) will be uploaded on Monday. 

I sincerely hope that answers your question :) xx 

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Kensington (Kieran Gibbs) — Chapter 7: I’ll Follow You, Deep Sea Baby


St Charles Hospital

 The hushed sound of footsteps and the faint sound of sirens melded with the smell of antiseptic and the harsh fluorescent lights. No matter how hard they tried to disguise what they were, all hospitals were essentially the same right down to the uncomfortable seating in the waiting room…and St Charles was no different.
Leon rubbed at his eyes before tiredly sinking his head into both hands. His expression was drawn, his face drained of blood as he recalled the scene he had walked in on not an hour before.
He had watched as Paula led Bel upstairs at Abigail’s townhouse, thinking nothing of it. The two were good friends (or so he had thought) so even though Paula had been acting a bit strangely the past few days there was no reason to suspect that anything untoward would occur. He had started to grow uncomfortable after fifteen minutes when a look passed between Mimi and Cole. It’d been the second one exchanged that night. Mimi had that self-satisfied smirk on her face and it was then that Leon had felt a sinking feeling in his chest. Something was wrong, he thought, unwittingly mirroring Bel’s exact thoughts at just that moment.

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